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What will the emergence of micro robots bring?

With the development of science and technology, people are pursuing more and more refined, "small" is synonymous with refined.

Older brothers like bricks have become antiques, but nowadays, a manufacturer that produces light and thin smartphones is stronger than one. In the past, when the signal was not good, it was necessary to pat the "big butt" desktop TV, which has developed into a super Thin LCD TVs and computers are becoming more and more popular.

The robot field is also pursuing "small".

In fact, the research and development of micro-robots has been going on for many years, and so far, countries around the world have made many achievements in the research of micro-robots. Now, with the development of technology, countless scientists are working hard to make robots smaller and lighter and lighter.

For micro-robots, the most widely used is still in the medical field.

In the past, we used oral or subcutaneous injections to get sick, but this method will inevitably cause the waste of drugs, or need more other materials to help the drugs absorb better. Drug research and development personnel are also constantly exploring better medicines and medication methods, but in addition, robots have also shown extraordinary strength in drug treatment.

At present, there are two main ways for the vascular medicine delivery robot to deliver medicine: one is to carry the medicine to a specific location as a container, and then open the container by controlling the deformation; the other is to make the robot into a sponge shape, first soak the medicine to the destination, and then squeeze through the deformation Press release the medicine, so as to achieve the purpose of precise release. Through this method, doctors can better control the precise use of drugs and dosage.

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